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Against the Odds

Corrigendum / Jan 25, 2017 / Prism
The Imperial Palace on Chione hosted a special ceremony this weekend, honouring one of Loren's Legion's finest officers, Commander Isaiah Evanson.

Evanson, piloting his Fer-De-Lance 'Bloodfeather', tracked a wing of wanted Federal Corvettes to the Cuchua system. The corvettes had reportedly been raiding convoys in the system, killing scores of innocent civilians. With the support of another Imperial vessel, one corvette was destroyed and the other three routed. Bloodfeather sustained heavy damage, but Evanson was able to safely reach port.

Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney, who presided over the ceremony, said:

"Commander Evanson's courageous defence of Cuchua has ensured that the system remains safe. It is my honour to bestow upon him the Distinguished Service Cross."


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