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Drew Wagar's Q&A with Obsidian Ant - Loren's Legion

Corrigendum / Apr 21, 2017 / Prism
Adjust video to 1h 36m 45s for the following question:

Does Cuthrick Delaney have control over the Imperial navy forces in Prism?

He's in a position of responsibility for the Chione moon. He actually kind of delegates the responsibility for the command forces to an in-game faction that's actually player driven, called "Loren's Legion." And the commander of Loren's Legion is also a player, who arguably has the jurisdiction of those forces.
So, Prism, if you like, is defended by Loren's Legion, which is a player faction. And they have done rather well for themselves actually. They are now influential in 15 systems around the Prism system. And their strategy has been to basically try and prevent any incursions by the Federation by taking over and controlling the systems around them. So they are arguably still under Fleet Admiral Patreus' influence in Powerplay, which of course is an interesting situation for them to be in, but they have autonomy in defending Prism against anything else that comes along. So they were instrumental in the recent CG when the tantalum was being delivered because they were effectively working alongside the system authorities there to safeguard the incoming traffic.



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